A funeral home’s image is EVERYTHING. Once you’ve served a family successfully, they will sing your praises all over town; however, leave a bad taste in their mouth and it can be devastating to your retention rate. How do you keep a “nice” reputation 24/7?



Bring on Extra Help

Our FuneralCall Answering Service is a team of professional receptionists ready to help with your call handling. Unlike other answering services, your families will never know the difference between us and your own staff, keeping your character in tact.

“Many times our clients assume that our answering service is actually an in-house secretary due to the caring, kindness compassion, and attention to detail that each operator has for each call.” – Colt Black, Black’s Funeral Home P.A.


Kill ‘em with kindness

We say it often, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Why risk a phone call going to a voicemail or automated recording when our FuneralCall receptionists are here to answer every call? Not to mention, they’re trained extensively on offering compassionate customer service. And no, your callers will not reach an automated answer. Every call is answered live.
FuneralCall Answering Service_Receptionists

Be Available

We’ve come a long way from being stuck at the funeral home to answer calls, but do you ever feel like you’re glued to your cell phone now? There’s no need in that! We’re available 24/7, every holiday, to ensure your families are taken care of no matter the time of day or night.
We’re confident with the help of our FuneralCall Answering Services, your funeral home will shine bright above the competition. Keep your reputation on the Nice List this next year; hire an answering service.
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