The funerals you provide for your families are not “one size fits all”; you cater to each one specifically so that their loved one can be celebrated as they deserve. Why expect anything less from your answering service? At FuneralCall, we pride ourselves on offering fully customized service for each individual funeral home we serve. Here are just a few ways we can customize your account.


First Calls and Facility Death Calls

Although both are essentially reporting a death, these require completely different scripts and actions. At FuneralCall, we walk you through the setup process and you can format each of these to your liking. Everything from the questions asked, to the closing phrase we say to the family, is 100% up to you.

Information Given and Received

Some funeral home answering services only allow a certain number of questions to be asked on your account, and their fairly generic at that. We want to assist you to the best of our ability, therefore we gather whatever information you prefer. If you want us to give out pricing information, you got it. Don’t want your callers knowing your email address? Just let us know!

Who to Contact and When

Our On-Call Scheduling is another avenue we customize for you. For example, if one of your Director’s prefers to only be contact via text message while another wants to be called, texted, AND emailed, we can set those up individually. Our Programmers set up your account with all the contacting instructions in your script, so our Receptionists know exactly what to do in each particular case.
Ready to jump on board with a funeral home answering service that becomes an extension of your staff? Contact us today! With our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, what do you have to lose?