Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to start service?

It typically takes 48 hours to start a basic service. Clients who require more complicated message taking and delivering will require more time. (i.e. a business having several locations, territories, a large employee directory or requiring call scripting)

What do I need to start service?

In order to begin service, we need some basic information regarding your business, such as office hours, business phone, fax, and a listing of the services you provide. To complete the setup process, we require an initial Programming Fee.

Is there a long term contract?

No, we do not require a long term contract. We have month-to-month agreements, one year contracts, and 2 year contracts.

Can I make changes to the way my calls are being handled?

Of course! We understand that funeral businesses are constantly evolving and we pride ourselves on helping your funeral home grow. Temporary and minor changes can be made anytime day or night such as OnCall changes or an employee switching phone numbers. We do ask that major account changes such as a change in the information gathered from callers or the addition of a location be made during weekdays. Major account changes must be permanently programmed into your account and those changes will be communicated effectively to our entire staff.

Do you offer any automated services?

Yes, we offer several automated services that do not require a live operator at a lower cost, such as voicemail accounts.

How is cost determined?

We charge per minute. Cost is determined evaluating your usage and yearly death call total. The way the account is formatted as well as how it is used will affect your service plan. By providing us with as many details as possible, including usage from your current or previous providers we can provide a close estimate for service.

Are your rates flexible?

We will review your account after the first 14 days of usage and make sure you are in the correct service plan. You can change your plan quarterly, if you notice any severe changes in your minute usage.

Do you take calls on holidays?

Yes, we take calls 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and no we do not charge extra for holidays.

How are you staffed?

We are fully staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our schedules are made according to the amount of traffic to ensure efficient receptionist coverage at all times.

How do you know what information I need from my callers?

You determine the information our receptionists gather from your callers within the set up process. Each account is programmed so that the receptionists are aware what information is required based on the scenario of the call. An example of a death call would be Name, Phone Number, Deceased Name and Location, Next of Kin Information, etc.

How do I receive my messages?

There are a number of ways to retrieve messages. Messages can be emailed, texted and faxed (or all of the above). Clients can log into our web-based dashboard to listen to and download messages or download our FuneralCall On The Go Mobile App to view messages. Also, clients can call in to check in for messages verbally.

How do I notify you of my company’s OnCall (and what if there are changes to the OnCall schedule)?

Oncall information can be scheduled by visiting our Web-based Dashboard. You also have the option of faxing the information or calling it in.

What if I have questions about a call that was answered at your location?

All incoming and outgoing calls are tracked and recorded. Once a call is answered at our location it is tracked and every second of a call can be accounted for – ring time, talk time, any hold time, etc. Recordings are used to ensure accuracy and call quality.