A phone call is often the first interaction people have with your funeral home; why not WOW them? With every call answered with your custom greeting, FuneralCall’s receptionists create meaningful connections with your callers and add value to your image.

A Positive Experience From the Word “Hello.”

The Funeral Industry requires great compassion and understanding. Timing is of utmost importance, and so is having your calls answered by a live, highly trained professional. You don’t have to worry about missed calls, or your families dialing prompts and receiving automated messages. Personal touch is what makes your business stand out, and this standard of excellence should be upheld by any of the funeral home answering service companies you’re considering.

The Best Answering Service for Funeral Directors

At FuneralCall, one of our goals is to make your life as simple as possible so you can focus on the thing that really matters – your families. At FuneralCall we screen your calls, either connecting them to you directly or taking a message and contacting you by email or text. We can also give callers information on services arrangements, florists, or directions at your discretion.

As a funeral home answering service company, we understand that you can build generation long relationships with families. We help you build those relationships by keeping close contact with you and your staff to make sure your expectations are not only met, but exceeded. Like the families you form generation long rapport with, we want to form a long lasting relationship with you.


We invite you to learn more about the benefits and features of our services: 24/7 coverage, customizable plans, and more: Call us to get a customized quote today at 1.888.239.0351.