Here at FuneralCall, we are constantly encouraging those interested in an answering service to do their homework regarding funeral home answering service costs before making the final decision. One detail often overlooked is one that can make a huge difference…The Billing Cycle!

Although it may seem insignificant when comparing to other details such as funeral home answering service pricing, account set up, etc., it can be the difference between getting a good deal and being tricked into thinking you’ve received a good deal.

The 28 Day Billing Cycle: The TRUTH is in the Details.

If a prospective client were to call and ask for pricing, a company using the 28 Day Billing Cycle might explain the process by saying something to the effect of “We bill on a 28 Day Billing Cycle, which is best suited for our accounting department and our payroll process”. They may even claim its industry standard. This statement usually goes unnoticed and is therefore unquestioned. The billing cycle, along with the seemingly lower price quoted, appears to be a great deal for funeral home answering service costs.
Unfortunately, billing every 28 days leads to 13 billing cycles, compared to 12 on a regular monthly billing cycle. That is one extra payment per year that usually goes unnoticed by most clients.

Benefits of a 12 Month Billing Cycle Include:

One Less Bill Per Year: With a 28 Day Billing Cycle, there are a total of 13 bills issued. Only 12, one for each month, are billed with our 12 Month Billing Cycle.
Saving More Money Per Year: Although the actual bill amount is lower within a 28 Day Billing Cycle, because you are charged for the 13th bill you are spending more money per year on your answering service. See example below:

  • $79.95 x 12 Months = $959.40 (per year)
  • $74.95 x 13 Months = $974.35 (per year)

Steady Due Date: With our 12 Month Billing Cycle, you can rest assured your bill will be delivered on the same date each and every month. With a 28 Day Billing Cycle, you may receive your bill on the 25th of one month, but 28 days later will cause you to receive it on the 23rd of the next month. Very confusing!
For us at FuneralCall, the 12 Month Billing Cycle is the fair way to bill our clients. We treat our directors the way you would treat your own families: with honesty. Learn more about our friendly, expert funeral home answering service today.