Distracted driving-verb- driving while engaged in other activities.

Have you or a loved one suffered from a distracted driving accident? Unfortunately it seems you’re not alone. Take a look at these numbers:

  • 3,267 deaths were caused by texting and driving (edgarsnyder.com)
  • 2 out 5 work related deaths were due to distracted driving (NFDA.org)
  • 3,331 deaths were caused by distracted driving
  • This accounts for 10% of all deaths
  • 3,328 people died because of texting and driving

As Death Care Professionals, we are obligated by law to protect our employees by creating and enforcing a Distracted Driving Policy. According to a letter from David Michaels, PHD, MPH (Assistant Secretary for OSHA) dated October of 2010:
“Companies are in violation of the Occupational Safety and Health Act if, by policy or practice, they require texting while driving, or create incentives that encourage or condone it, or they structure work so that texting is a practical necessity for workers to carry out their job.”
Distracted Driving is almost a necessity in the death care profession. Unexpected death calls, pick ups, or families in need can cause a distraction while driving.

How FuneralCall Can Help:

Schedule a Backup: Each night schedule a back up to take calls in case your main on call is driving
Extend Your Repeats: Repeats are an answering service term. It is the amount of time we wait before trying to reach back out to you. If you know you will be on the road for 30 minutes, ask us to wait that amount of time before checking in with you.
Hold Your Calls: You can temporarily change your reasons to contact while you are on the road. Call your answering service and ask them to contact you at a certain time with any messages you may have missed or let them know you will check in for the messages when you are ready.
Check with your answering service and ask about their flexibility regarding contacting. FuneralCall is flexible enough to meet all of your contacting needs.
If you need any ideas on how to create and enforce a Distracted Driving Policy, visit the OSHA website.

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