Requirement number six is:

Effective Change Requires Celebrating the Wins.

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What is the win? Why must we celebrate them? We do so, in part because, each person embraces change at a different pace. Pioneers embrace change the fastest, and usually find themselves as leaders in the change process. Next are Early Adapters who, when they understand the reasons for the change, embrace it to help the organization succeed. Then there are Late Adapters who embrace change simply because they have to, in order to keep their jobs or remain viable. Finally, there are Never Adapters. Most of the resistance to change will come from these two latter groups, but many of them can be won over as they observe people whom they respect in the first two groups celebrate the benefits the change gives to the organization’s mission.
Whatever the organization’s mission, leaders must find some way to celebrate progress. Most people want to be a part of success, and it’s important for leaders to identify the wins, and celebrate them often. Doing so will build an atmosphere in which the most people will eventually embrace the change.