Text Messaging is one of our most popular features offered. We love this tool because of the many benefits it gives our clients, along with making their lives ten times easier.

Our texting option allows you to receive your messages via text message, which means we never have to interrupt your busy day. The best part is you can respond back via text that you have received your message; no more calling in to let us know. Ever had to rush and scribble down a death call on a spare napkin while at dinner? You’ll never be caught off guard again with this great feature!
Your messages are delivered to you in an easy to read text message, with the caller’s call back number readily available for you to simply click and redial.
We offer our clients texting at no extra cost and even better is the fact that receiving and replying to your messages via text will reduce your usage with us by at least 30%!
We are also eliminating human errors in contacting. Texting is an automated feature; once the message is saved, the system immediately sends the message to the on-call personnel. You no longer have to worry about a missed message or worse a missed death call.
Since we pride ourselves in being the most flexible answering service serving the death care industry, the options with text messaging are endless:

  • Text messages can be sent to multiple recipients
  • As a manager of the funeral home, you can receive a courtesy text to keep you in the know of all incoming death calls
  • Your response to the text can instruct us to call someone else if need be
  • A text message can be sent immediately in conjunction with a phone call for night time calls
  • Text messages can be sent during awake hours and phone calls can be made during sleeping hours in case you are worried you won’t hear the message
  • You’ll determine the amount of time we wait for a replied response before moving on to calling you or another staff member

Learn more about all of all inclusive features by visiting our Features Page!