These days, funeral directors and other professionals in the industry are cutting every corner in order to save their hard earned money. A large percentage of our clients are family owned and operated funeral homes.

This fact contributes to our main mission: provide a quality service that will help our clients gain relationships with their families without breaking the bank. FuneralCall completely understands the necessity of pinching pennies, which is why we have a list of 5  cost reducing strategies for your answering service. Whether you’re a FuneralCall client or belong to another service, these tips will help you receive quality service you deserve while helping to save a few bucks.
1. Supervise Your Call Traffic & Billing
We record ALL calls for your account and make them available to you through our online dashboard where you can listen and make sure we’re answering them to your standards. We also include your usage history on each invoice, that way you’re able to track exactly how many minutes you have used each month and ensure you’re billed for only those minutes.
2. Keep an Eye on Your Service Plan
Our billing department contacts all new clients after their 2-week introductory period to re-evaluate their account and ensure the service plan we first set up is still working best for their call volume. If we believe you could step down a plan to save on your bill, we will always suggest that change. It’s important to keep a watch on your call volume and how much of your plan you’re actually using to keep from paying for service you’re not using.
3. Take Advantage of our FuneralCall Features
FuneralCall offers a variety of cost reducing features free of charge for each service plan offered. Text Messaging is a great tool used to save money. By having your messages sent to you via text, you save on minutes that would be used by our receptionists calling to deliver your messages. This definitely adds up!
4. Block Unwanted Callers
Another feature used as a cost reduction strategy is our call blocking tool. Block all solicitors and other numbers calling your funeral home or business who are using up valuable minutes. Visit our Features page to view all of our beneficial features.
5. Refer Friends
FuneralCall values you and your colleagues. Our Referral Program offers a credit to your next month’s invoice for each referral you send our way. The more friends you tell about us, the more money you receive!
We truly care about our clients and what’s best for their accounts. Check out our recent blog on The Truth Behind The 28 Day Billing Cycle and learn how our 12 Month Billing Cycle benefits you far better.