When a call comes in to one of our receptionists, a specific answer phrase immediately appears on their computer screen. This is our Call Recognition technology and is completely customizable for your funeral home or business.

The options are endless. With the flexibility of our funeralcall team, we’ll take extra care to make sure your account is set up so we become an extension of your funeral home- and most callers believe the receptionist they’re speaking with is actually located in your funeral home.
Another feature offered here at FuneralCall is our Call Blocking feature, another fully customizable tool. Get rid of those pesky solicitors or unwanted phone calls by having our team program your account to block any number you desire. We can even have those numbers roll over to a personalized recording such as “Please remove this number from your calling list.”
Learn more about all of our features offered here at FuneralCall by visiting our Features Page.