Our FuneralCall Receptionists treat each phone call as an opportunity to create a lasting impression for your families. Even though most calls may be brief, we understand the impact of those few seconds of communication. Just a few modifications can take a simple call to an extraordinary level of customer service. Here’s a quick breakdown of how:

Saying the Caller’s Name. Seems like an obvious thing to do while taking a call, right? By responding to the caller by their name multiple times throughout the call, you instill a level a trust from the beginning and they will feel much more comfortable for the remainder of the conversation.
Understanding. Some calls may be informative, such as giving directions or florist information, but others may be out of frustration. Death is a difficult time; it’s important for our receptionists to understand what the caller is going through, and to remain as patient and helpful as possible.
Plenty of Thank You’s. Receiving appreciation never gets old. Thanking the caller each time information is gathered is key in making a difference in their day.
Compassion and Condolences. Since FuneralCall specializes in the funeral industry, we understand compassion and empathy are a must. But it’s not just death calls that require a certain level of sympathy – we treat each and every call with the same friendly, professional tone, which ensures your families will be handled with care no matter what their call is regarding.
Keeping Your Caller in the Loop. Our receptionists always inform the caller first before diving into the questions they need to ask: “If you don’t mind, I have just a few questions for you”. They also keep the caller in the loop by letting them know the steps they are going to take to resolve their issue: “I will be contacting my director immediately, his name is Steve and he will be in contact with you very soon to discuss your mother’s arrangements”.
Whether you’re taking a call for a potential client, meeting with a family in person, or sending an e-mail to fellow vendors, simple, polite modifications such as these will help you and your funeral home stand out among the rest.
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