As a FuneralCall Receptionist, I see our service in a different light. I experience all types of calls throughout the day. From Pricing Calls to Death Calls, I never know what to expect next; Which is why I love our custom answering services and how hard our FuneralCall Programmers work to give our clients such specialized accounts. Here’s a few ways as to how they do it:

Custom Answer Phrase. Did you know you can have your answer phrase change throughout the day? For example, from 8am-11am, we can say “Good Morning, Thank you for calling Smith Funeral Home. How may I help you?” but from 12pm-5pm it can change to “Good Afternoon, Thank you for calling Smith Funeral Home. How may I help you?”. This simple change adds personalization to your answer phrase and all it takes is a few clicks from our Programmers!
Contacting Methods. Whether you’re a technology guru and prefer us to contact you through our Mobile App, or you prefer the traditional ways such as faxing – Our programmers set up your account to match your preferences, even down to each director individually.
We have endless ways of contacting you to deliver your message. We can Text, Email, Fax, or even call each time to relay the information. I appreciate the fact we offer efficiency for our directors and again to each of their specifications. The same funeral home can have 4 directors, all receiving their messages completely different. Now that’s what I call custom answering services!
Custom Answeirng Services
Technology. If you haven’t already heard, we’ve recently released two major tools to simplify the lives of our directors:

  • Our Mobile App, FuneralCall On-The-Go, is easy to use and allows you to view your messages, update service information, view your account information, and more. If you haven’t already signed up, you’re missing out!
  • Secondly, we’ve released our new API. This is a great addition for myself and the rest of the receptionists at FuneralCall because it eliminates errors. Simply put, the API will integrate with your website and obituary systems so that it automatically syncs with ours and it auto-populates your service information. No more having to call us to give us the information right after you’ve just entered it into your website; we’ll already have it!

I am lucky enough to be an assistant to the Programming Department as well as a receptionist. I see first hand how our custom answering services allow us to provide ultimate flexibility so that our clients are receiving the best customer service possible.