A grieving family calling in, a nurse relaying a pick up, a pricing call – these are all in a day’s work for a funeral director. Along with meetings, scheduling arrangements, and directing services, you are bound to miss a call. Missing a call in the funeral industry is not an option. Here are 5 reasons it’s time to look into hiring a funeral home answering service.


24/7 Availability

Death is unpredictable. A Death Call can come in for your funeral home at any time during the day or night; having a well-versed, professional individual ready to answer questions for the family and gather information for you is crucial. Being available to your families 24/7 makes a great first impression for your funeral home.

Saving Money

Hiring a funeral home answering service is a fraction of the cost of staffing for 24/7 phone handling. Plus, there’s no human resource headaches, no sick days to worry about; missed calls equals losing money. A live answering service can increase your business by never missing a call.

Be Productive

When you worry less about catching calls, you’re better able to focus on the more important tasks at hand. This is especially important for a smaller funeral home of just a few staff members. Every employee has their hands full; delegate the phones and become more productive.


A funeral home answering service plays a major role in upping your reputation. By filtering all of your calls through a team of highly trained receptionists, you not only become more efficient but sound ultra professional. Referrals are always the best compliment, and with the help of an answering service, you’re sure to receive repeat customers.

Take Some Time Off!

A funeral director taking a vacation? Sounds foreign but a funeral home answering service makes it a possibility. Spend more time with family, take a real vacation, even get some good sleep; your families will be well taken care of while you’re away.
The benefits of a funeral home answering service are endless. If you can relate to any of the five above, you should take advantage of these benefits yourself. Our receptionists at FuneralCall are simply the best. Give us a try with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.