If you’ve looked into hiring a funeral answering service for your funeral home, I’m sure you’ve heard the typical reasons you should try one: 24/7 availability, customer service, first impressions. Here are 3 reasons that may not have crossed your mind when considering a Funeral specific answering service.


Knowing the Lingo

It’s important to note the differences between a basic answering service and a funeral answering service. For example, something as simple as “First Call” is not exactly typical lingo to an answering service who also services your local dentistry. However, our Receptionists are trained extensively on the funeral industry and the terms that coincide, therefore we know exactly how to handle each type of call.


Showing Empathy and Bouncing Back

Another crucial part of being a Receptionist for a funeral answering service is being able to show compassion to a grieving caller on one call, and then bouncing back to provide great customer service on the next, and vice versa. You have to be taught how to show true empathy without letting it affect your state of mind.

Obituary Software Integration

Our FuneralCall Answering Service is fully capable of integrating with your obituary software vendor so that we are always up-to-date with your current obituaries. This helps for our answering service to act as a true extension of your staff by being able to provide your callers with the information they need in real time. Not to mention, it’s a very easy process to integrate.
There are many reasons it is important to choose a funeral specific answering service for your funeral home. Hopefully these along with others help to shed some light on which is best for your funeral home and staff.
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