They’re all out there; thousands of generic answering services with very tempting prices. However, it almost always ends in disappointment, especially in the funeral industry. Avoid the hurt! Check out these key reasons to choose your Answering Service based upon Customer Service instead of price.


Industry Specific

A funeral home or vendor is not just a simple business requiring simple message taking; it’s of utmost importance to hire an answering service dedicated to serving the funeral industry. This way, the receptionists know the terminology, know how to care for your families, and can be as efficient as possible on your calls.

First Impressions are Priceless

With most larger answering services, quantity is far more important than quality. Therefore, your first impression may be pushed to the wayside. This is a no-no! Your families are calling during such a sensitive time in their lives; they must receive the perfect first impression to feel welcomed and treated with respect.

Repeat Business

Word of mouth is best form of marketing for the funeral industry. I think it’s safe to say, your answering service represents you for the majority of the day; they are your reputation. Don’t miss out on making money with potential customers by saving a dime.
Morale of the story – what’s your funeral home or business worth to you? Is your reputation worth the extra cost? It’s proven to reap more in the long run. Learn more about our funeral home answering services by visiting our Services Page. We’d be honored to represent you.