We’ve said it time and time again – Your Answering Service is the first impression for your funeral home or business. Is their lack of customer service spooking potential customers from following through or returning? Do your research! Here are 3 telltale signs to look for when evaluating your answering service.


1 Are They Funeral Specific?

This is a very important factor when it comes to your answering service! Why trust a generic answering service when you can use a funeral specific one instead? They know the lingo, how to show empathy and compassion, and they’re trained specifically on dealing with funeral arrangements. That’s a no-brainer.  

2 Are They Efficient in Message Delivery?

If you’re missing Death Calls, you’re missing money. Is your answering service properly trained to relay messages to you, according to your preferences? If customizing your account isn’t an option, it may not be the service for you.  

3 Are They “Funeral Industry” Professional?

There’s a difference. A funeral specific answering service understands the type of customer service needed during these hard times for your family. Is your current service a true extension of your staff? Do your callers know they’ve reached an answering service?   All of these questions are extremely important to ask yourself when evaluating your answering service. At FuneralCall, we’re proud to say we check off all of these boxes and more. To learn more about our superior customer service, visit our services page. Save