As a funeral director, it can sometimes feel as if you have no control over your time. Your schedule is so touch and go, it can be overwhelming. While it is your duty to be available to your families 24/7, you don’t have to do it alone. FuneralCall is here to help, and here’s how!

You have reservations about hiring an answering service; we 100% understand. Using a funeral home answering service isn’t about losing control – we’re here to help you gain time, peace of mind, and most importantly new clients.

We know the industry.

FuneralCall has over 28 years of experience serving the funeral industry. We know the importance of a First Call and the sensitive nature of it. Unlike generic answering services, our receptionists are trained specifically on the industry and your funeral home, therefore they become a true extension of your staff.

24/7 availability so you never miss a call.

A phone call is often times the first point of communication for a grieving family; reaching a voicemail or busy tone is not an option as it is almost a guarantee they will move on to the next funeral home. With FuneralCall, you can rest assured ALL of your calls will be answered by a live, professional human being.

Custom options give you a competitive edge.

Perhaps one of the largest advantages of using FuneralCall as your answering service is our completely custom accounts. We believe in representing your funeral home so well that your families never know the difference. To do this, we allow you to personalize everything from who we contact and when, to the amount of information we give. The options are endless.

If you are wanting to give an answering service a go but are still reluctant, we encourage you to simply give us a call. We can discuss the many ways FuneralCall can assist you with zero pressure to start service. If you think you’re ready, contact us today to get started.