At FuneralCall, we are often asked many questions regarding the ins and outs of how our answering services work. We thought we would make it easy and gather up some of the most frequently, frequently asked questions and provide some answers. Give us a buzz if you don’t see yours listed!

What is FuneralCall Answering Service?

FuneralCall is a team of highly trained, professional Receptionists providing 24/7 call-handling for the funeral industry. We can act the same as an in-house receptionist, but from our studio just West of Atlanta, GA.

Do your Receptionists work remotely?

Only in emergencies! We’re proud to say ALL of our Receptionists are located right here in our Call Studio, in the good ole’ USA. We rarely have bad weather, but if situations occur where it’s safer for them to work from home, we will allow it (once their home office has been HIPAA certified, of course!)

How does FuneralCall answer my calls?

There are several ways we can answer your calls. We can answer with a greeting as simple as “Thank you for calling” to “Thank you for calling Jones Funeral Home, this is the after-hours answering service. How may I help you today?” Your answer phrase can be whatever suits you best, and we can change it whenever you’d like.

How do your Receptionists know how to handle my calls?

After you’ve decided to sign on with our FuneralCall Answering Service, you’ll speak with a Client Relations Rep who will ask you questions regarding your funeral home or business and what it is you are looking to get out of the service. Then, they will hand off this information to our Programming team who will program your account. The Receptionists will follow your script based off of your account formatting, handling your calls specific to your liking.

What is considered “after hours” with an answering service?

Typically, after-hours is referred to the hours between 5:00pm and 8:00am. However, the funeral industry is unique in that you must be available 24/7, so it mainly depends on each business specifically. 

Can you use landline phones with FuneralCall?

Sure! Our answering services work off of call forwarding, so as long as your phone (whether it be a cell phone or landline) can forward, you shouldn’t have any problems connecting with our service.

Why or when would FuneralCall put me on hold?

We always inform our clients that during peek call times (Rush hours), you may be placed on hold due to high call volumes. The Receptionists can see who is calling in, so in order to catch a family calling in, they may place you on hold until the next Receptionist is available. Although no answering service can guarantee you will never be put on hold, we pride ourselves on having an extremely high answer rate compared to most in the industry. 

What phone numbers are available to use?

FuneralCall partners with a phone provider who gives our I.T Department access to a bank full of numbers. Usually that includes both local and toll free numbers. 

How do I forward my lines to the service?

This can differ, depending on your phone carrier. Typically to forward your line you’ll dial *72, followed by your forwarding number. To unforward, you would dial *73. As we said before, it’s different from one carrier to the next, but we can assist in finding out the procedure for you.

Can I use Google Voice with FuneralCall?

Yes! But beware – while Google Voice is great because it’s free, it does come with some quirks. At FuneralCall, we find that some of our clients have no issues while using Google Voice, while others can’t connect at all. We’ll be glad to give it a try!

What it the average cost of FuneralCall’s answering services?

This truly depends on how often you’re using it. At FuneralCall, we charge per minute and you’re allotted so many minutes per month based on your plan. 

Is a credit card needed to start service?

Yes. We require a $99.00 set up fee (for basic accounts) to begin service.

Is call connecting included?

We do not charge a dime for any connect time. This is included in your total bill, as are ALL of our features. 

How often do you bill?

This is where other answering services can lure you in. Most follow a “28 Day Billing Cycle”, which sounds like the better plan. However if you add up the numbers, you actually end up with an extra bill at the end of the year. At FuneralCall, we bill on a “12 Month Billing Cycle” meaning you only receive 12 bills in a year.

Do I have to sign a contact?

Only if you want to save money! We offer 3 Month, 1 Year, and 2 Year contracts that save a certain amount per minute. If you’re not ready for that type of commitment, we offer month-to-month service as well. 

Is there an autoplay message before a call is answered at FuneralCall?

We give this as an option to our clients, however we usually answer all calls live. It’s up to you!

Are FuneralCall calls recorded?

Of course! Every call is recorded and listed on our Online Dashboard. Each of our clients have the ability of listening to their calls at their convenience. 

Do you offer a FuneralCall App?

Yes, we have our FuneralCall On The Go Mobile App, which is free of charge with all of our pricing plans. 

Is FuneralCall HIPAA compliant?

Yes. All of our Receptionists must be HIPAA Certified before taking calls. We also offer miSecure Messaging in lieu of regular text messaging if needed.

Can FuneralCall answer for any funeral industry business?

Absolutely! FuneralCall has been dedicated to the funeral industry for over 28 years and that includes everything within: funeral businesses, funeral homes, crematories, cemeteries, etc.