In case you haven’t heard, your FuneralCall Answering Service account is 100% customized to fit your specific business. With that being said, we also internally customize FAQ Buttons on your script, so that our receptionists are never caught off guard. Here’s a few examples!

Contact Info: One click of a button and our receptionists can see your address, phone number, fax number, and even business hours. 

Florists: We can have the names and numbers of the florists you recommend in the area so families can be assisted easily.

Directions: You can provide detailed directions to your funeral home so our receptionists can easily guide a family or delivery to your location.

Obituaries: Probably the most used FAQ Button is the “Obit Button”. Our FuneralCall receptionists can click and view all of your current obituaries listed and provide callers with this information. The best part is we can integrate with your system via API, so that if we make a change on the obituary, it updates automatically in both locations!

There are several features with our FuneralCall Answering Services that are completely free of charge. To learn more about our features, click here.