The modern day answering service has adapted to many advancements throughout the years: from beepers to cell phones, technology upgrades, mobile apps, new software. But let’s not forget your answering service’s sole purpose: to represent your funeral home. The telephone agents are literally speaking on your behalf. When push comes to shove, the family calling your funeral home will forever remember the experience they encountered…is your current answering service offering a lasting impression? Here’s a few reasons why you should be focusing on the customer service provided and why it is highly important to the success of your funeral home.

People crave human interaction. It seems like everything in our lives is becoming automated. Who thought we’d ever see the day of a flying robot delivering packages to our doorstep? Yes, technology is a great thing in certain instances but statics show when it comes to phone customer service, people want to speak to a live person. No one leaves voicemails anymore, and people are tired of having to talk to a robot on the other end of the line. Having that live answer is crucial in successful customer service.

Kindness is rare. It’s a sad statement, but a true one. There are far more reviews venting about a horrible experience rather than raving about a great one. If your answering service isn’t putting quality customer service first, your funeral home will become yet another bad review. It’s as simple as providing service information in a kind, warm tone that can completely change your caller’s day. And they won’t forget it.

It’s your tush on the line, not your answering service. A funeral home’s reputation is everything. You’ve maybe even worked for generations to perfect it; don’t let an inexperienced answering service ruin it. Contrary to popular belief, there are funeral home answering services out there that actually care about you as a client. You’re not just another number. And in the end, your families won’t care that it was your “answering service” who made the mistake…so vet your service to begin with and keep the mistakes from happening.

Why choose FuneralCall?

We’ve been around for over 29 years now – we know the industry. We’re family owned and operated. All of our receptionists are located in our studio, just West of Atlanta, Georgia. We always have a live answer, no pre-recording answer phrases. And most importantly, we place a major focus on customer service training. We understand what’s at stake for your funeral home, and we make a promise to represent you well.

Give us a try with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. For more information about our funeral home answering services, contact us today.