While the age-old adage, “A customer will remember the service much longer than the price” might still ring true, Millennials have proven to be the generation most willing to pay higher costs for great customer service. No one knows better than you the type of customer service your funeral home needs to provide but attempting to answer all of those calls yourself can also be detrimental to your business. This might seem strange, but the numbers don’t lie. Around the clock customer care is a necessity in your industry.

The Facts

The number one reason people listed as disliking calling companies is not being able to speak a real person immediately. 37% will switch to the competition if the person they do speak with is not knowledgeable or unwilling to adequately help them. Setting up a phone tree or asking your customers to leave a voicemail could be pushing your customers towards your competition without them even getting to experience what you have to offer but hiring just anyone to pick up that call might have an even worse impact.

What Do You Do?

Solving that problem is our specialty. Our virtual receptionists are available around the clock to catch those calls and to be the friendly, live alternative to the typical after-hours voicemail. With 30 years of specific funeral industry training, you won’t have to worry about your customers reaching someone who seems lost to what they are talking about.

74% of customers are likely to switch to the competitor if they find the purchasing process too difficult, which is why we keep it simple here at FuneralCall. We answer the calls with your level of customer service and care, sort them based on the calls you deem most important, and make sure you get the messages you need promptly, no matter where you are. Easy, peasy!

The Reality

You can’t be alert and awake 24 hours a day to answer your customers, but we can! Expectations for constant service are higher now than ever. Each of our virtual receptionists is trained on the specifics of YOUR funeral home. They are taught from day one how to provide the highest standard of customer service to the families you serve. This means you get the 24-hour service you need, with the care you want.

The times are changing; businesses must change as well, or risk being left behind altogether. Let us help you keep up without losing the service quality your customers are used to getting from you.

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