With FuneralCall, your account is completely customizable, down to the way your calls ring into us. You can pick one of two settings for the way we receive your calls: Direct Forwarding and Call Rollover.

Both options guarantee your calls are answered. Once your call reaches a FuneralCall Receptionist, it will be handled based on your message taking and contacting specifications. However, these forwarding options have some differences to consider:

Direct Call Forwarding

Direct Call Forwarding is the most popular option for our clients. This means once you forward your lines, your incoming calls will automatically transfer to our FuneralCall Receptionists; it will never ring on your end. We will then take and screen them to contact you based on your specifications.

How It’s Done

To direct forward your lines, you will need to dial the forwarding number provided for you. This will leave your phones forwarded to us until you get back into the office and are able to unforward. With our FuneralCall Receptionists here to answer 90% of calls on the first ring, this means your calls will be answered quickly and efficiently. 

Call Rollover

Another option is Rollover Forwarding. This means that your calls will ring to your office first. If you are unable to answer after a set number of rings, it will automatically ring over to our call studio where a receptionist will answer the call. You will never miss a call, even if you do not have the phones directly forwarded to us. No more forgetting to forward the lines before leaving the office or missing a call if your secretary is out for lunch. Since your calls will ring to your office first, then roll over to FuneralCall, this method can sometimes lead to longer ring times for your caller. However, some phone providers will let you change the number of rings that occur before they roll over to us. This will help minimize the threat of hang ups.

How It’s Done

In order to set up call rollover, you will need to provide your phone company with the forwarding number given to you for your FuneralCall account. Your phone provider will set the number of rings that go to your office line before ringing over to the call studio. We recommend you set this as 3 rings or lower to reduce the amount of time your callers are on the line before reaching a live person. Once you have gone through this set up process, your phones will stay set to rollover; it does not need to be redone daily.

Forwarding Refresher

Depending on your phone provider, the way you forward and unforward your lines will differ. Here’s a list of the more common actions taken:

  • To Forward, dial *72 plus your forwarding number
  • To Unforward, dial 72# plus your forwarding number

If this method doesn’t work, try:

  • To Forward, dial *73 plus your forwarding number
  • To Unforward, dial 73# plus your forwarding number

If you have any questions about how to forward your lines or you’d like more information, please let us know!