Just like trends in life change, so do trends in the funeral industry. Grieving is difficult, but a funeral that is representative of your loved one’s life can make the process easier. However, traditional funeral services might not capture the life you are trying to memorialize. Everything from how the funeral is organized to the final resting place, there are so many new options that we expect to grow in popularity in 2020.

1.       Family Led Services

While this is not a completely new idea, families leading the service for their loved one is on the rise, but why have families started rejecting the traditional service? Not everyone has the ability to handle their loved one’s funeral “in house”, but a family led service can feel much more personalized. Rather than having a chaplain or other professional speak at and lead the funeral, we suspect that families will begin working alongside funeral directors to lead the service themselves far more often.

2.       Growth Urns

With the popularity of cremations on the rise, the urn industry is evolving. Companies like BiosUrn and EterniTrees are helping to revolutionize the traditional urn with growth urns. These new age containers allow the cremains to supply nutrients to a tree or other plant. This leaves the family with a beautiful plant to remember their loved one by and a way for the body to be returned to nature.

3.       Water Cremations

While the origins of this method are less than attractive, many believe that this form of “cremation” is the way of the future. Concerns about pollution and environmental concerns are on the rise, which is driving the interest in this low energy method. Water cremations start by placing the body in a chamber that uses water, potassium hydroxide, and heat to transform the remains into bone ash. This allows the family to still have “ashes” to do with what they please while still having many other environmental perks.

4.       Interactive Markers

In a world where everyone has a smartphone, it was only a matter of time before we started integrating technology into gravestones. QR codes are a common sight, but they have recently started popping up on gravestones. These small codes are a simple way for families to pull up the memories of their loved ones every time they visit the grave site. By linking the QR code to an online photo album, obituary, or even a memorial page like the ones created by Keeper are great ways to memorialize the life of your loved one in a way that everyone who visits the grave site to see.