We will often receive questions from your callers that we do not know the answer to, but the phrase “I don’t know” is so unprofessional! If you don’t have the answer to their question, there are much better ways to tell your caller you don’t know while still help them in the process. Let’s chat about how we do so here at FuneralCall.

We have two phrases that we like to use, as well as some tools on your account, to help us with tricky questions for which we may or may not have an answer.

“That is a great question, let me get your information over to someone who can answer that for you. May I have your name?”


“Mr. Smith will be able to answer that for you, may I have your number so he can give you a call back?”

Both of these phrases let the caller know that someone has the answer to their question, and assistance is on the way.

One of the more common questions of which we would not normally have an answer is “When is the service for Mrs. Smith?” or “Do you have Mrs. Smith at your funeral home?”. Since these questions are so common, we have a few simple ways to handle these calls:

The first is our API Integration. Depending on your website provider, we can link your FuneralCall account to your funeral home website so that when you post an obituary, we have it instantaneously! We also offer a very easy-to-use Web Portal where you’re able to input your obituaries; this also syncs with your FuneralCall account.

Saying, “I don’t know” can be off-putting to callers. It makes them feel like you’re unable to get them the answers they need. While we may not have the answers to all of your callers’ questions, we do have the tools to help them get those answers. All the while taking care of your callers and families 24/7, so you never miss a beat.