The third week in January is “National Clear Your Inbox Week”, and it is the perfect time to go through all of your inbound messages to be sure that you have responded and taken care of business. However, this can be a daunting task. Did you know your answering service can help?

Here at FuneralCall, we have three main tools that can help you to keep your inbound messages organized.

Customized Contacting

When you set up your FuneralCall account, you are given the choice to set what types of calls you would like to be directly contacted for and how you would like for us to get in touch with you. This allows you to filter out the less urgent calls and still ensure that you get the calls you need. If we have a call come in that you would like to be contacted on, we can send an app notification, text, email, call, or fax in whichever order works best for you. 

Daily Message Reports

Once we contact you with the messages you want, what happens to the rest? That’s easy! We send you a daily message report with all your calls included. This ensures you never miss a call that needs your response. This report can be emailed to you at whatever time is most convenient to help keep your inbox organized.

My FuneralCall On The Go

Our FuneralCall app allows you to view, confirm, and filter all messages as they come in on your account. You can also call the callback number directly from the app. Keeping your messages neatly organized in one centralized location can take some of the stress out of your email account.

Thinking about trying an answering service this new year? Give us a call!