When picking an answering service for your funeral home, you can go one of two ways: generic or funeral specific. Here at FuneralCall, we believe that the funeral sector is far too specialized for a generic answering service to handle properly. Here are a few reasons we chose to go from a generic service, to the leading answering service for the funeral industry.

We understand the lingo

There’s a good chance a generic service might not know the difference between a death call or a transport call; our receptionists are trained on these terms from day one. In fact, all of our receptionists go through an extensive two-week training program that teaches them the specific terms and types of calls they are likely going to answer. This means they will always sound well-versed and more of an extension of your staff.

We practice empathy   

Due to the sensitive nature of the calls, it is important for you to know that the person answering your phones will be empathetic and treat the families you serve with care. Our FuneralCall receptionists understand the weight of a First Call, not only because it’s a grieving family member but also because of the financial impact on your end. They know exactly how to handle death calls and do so with the utmost compassion.

We know the value of your calls

As mentioned above, in this industry, one call can mean thousands of dollars for your funeral business; incorrect information or a delay in contacting can cost you that money. This is why one-on-one training is a staple in our company. Verifying information, following contacting preferences, and learning your custom-built script to a tee are what set us apart from other answering services…especially generic ones. 

At FuneralCall, we have dedicated decades (three to be exact) to learning the funeral industry from top to bottom to answer your calls with professionalism and experience. If you’re in the market for a new answering service for your funeral home or funeral business, we’d love for you to give us a try!