Outsourcing your funeral home calls brings an abundance of benefits for you and your staff. From the professional virtual receptionists, to 24/7 availability for your families – the pros far outweigh any hesitations you may have. However, when searching for your next funeral industry answering service, you should make sure the receptionists have these 7 important skills.

  1. In-Depth Training on Your Funeral Business

Your funeral industry answering service should act as an extension of your staff – therefore, they should know the answer to any question that may be asked while handling your customer service. This is accomplished via in-depth and on-going training. 

Another sure-fire way to ensure this, is to hire a funeral industry answering service that offers fully customized scripting for your account. This gives you the ability to provide all the services you offer, pricing, etc. for your receptionists to relay to your callers.

  1. Empathy and Efficiency

Empathy and compassion are staples in the funeral industry but unfortunately, not every basic answering service train on these practices. Receptionists in a funeral industry answering service are more than capable of comforting a grieving mother who just lost her son unexpectedly.

They understand how to intentionally listen and ask questions to retrieve information while continuing to show care for your caller. Funeral industry answering services are also trained on how to take control of the conversation to maintain efficiency for your bottom line.

  1. Adaptability and Patience

Throughout the day, answering service receptionists experience all types of callers: pleasant, rude, sad, and piping mad. This requires a great deal of patience and training on ways to avoid becoming stressed or flustered.

The best funeral industry answering services know how to take a highly irritated caller and calm them down into a civil conversation so they can properly assist their needs. These receptionists have to be very flexible and they must work well under pressure in order to be successful at their jobs.

If you notice your current staff or answering service is not meeting these standards, maybe it’s time to hire a high quality, funeral industry answering service such as FuneralCall. We guarantee you’ll not only relieve a great deal of stress, but your customer service will skyrocket because we practice all 3 of these important answering service skills.