Businesses of every industry are trying their best to tighten up expenses during this pandemic; funeral directors are finding the same amount of work but with less employees. Your FuneralCall Answering Service is there to help, with both your phone calls and helping to streamline your account without affecting the service level for your families.

Relaying Messages

If you’re currently being called by our receptionists to deliver your messages, you can save many minutes by switching to a more automated delivery.

  • Texting: We can send you a text message with all the details of your message for FREE
  • Email: If you have set certain preferences regarding the type of call, the messages our team “Holds for Office” can be sent to you via a daily email every morning.
  • Mobile App: You can also receive your messages via our FuneralCall On The Go mobile app. Every message is easily viewed in one single location, and again – it’s free of charge.

Utilize Our Web Portal

Another great way to reduce your answering service costs is by taking advantage of our free online web portal. can be used to input your on-call information, check your messages, and listen to a particular call. Compared to calling in and using minutes to report your on-call staff, it’s a valuable money-saving tool!

Caller Database

Our programming team is able to automatically save the first name, last name, and phone number of each person who calls your funeral business. This way, when the receptionist answers the call as “Good morning, Mrs. Smith. How can I help you today?” the caller is not only highly impressed with the customer service they receive, but it saves the time of having to ask for verification of spelling and phone numbers. Less time on the phone equals more money in your pocket.

Here at FuneralCall, we’re all about creating the best experience for our clients without breaking the bank. Never hesitate to call our Billing Department for an account review to ensure you’re in the right plan for your minute usage. We know times are very different right now; let us assist you by optimizing your account and reducing your answering service costs.