Call Center Tour

Call Center Tour: Happy, Healthy Receptionists Mean Outstanding Service for Our Clients

Allow us to take you on our FuneralCall call center tour. View our state-of-the-art facilities complete with spacious work centers, ergonomic chairs, sound reduction panels, and indirect lighting.


Open Office Floor Plan

Our “open-office” design facilitates communication between our receptionists who need to exchange information frequently.


Spacious Receptionist Work Stations

Our spacious work stations help improve morale and increase productivity by giving our receptionist room to move. The work station walls help aid in sound reduction.


Ergonomic Chairs

The ergonomic chairs were not only designed to look attractive, but to also contribute to the health of the employee by providing comfortable sitting postures and promoting wellness.


Sound Reduction Panels

The call center is equipped with state of the art ceiling clouds that absorb sound, making it easier for clients to hear only our receptionist on the line.


Indirect Lighting Fixtures

Indirect lighting directs light upwards towards the ceiling giving a soft and even illumination.


Want to become a FuneralCall Receptionist?