Success begins with the hiring process.

Here at FuneralCall, we are very selective in who we hire to be a member of our team, and ultimately, yours. We look for individuals who have more than just a friendly voice and advanced typing skills. In order to be part of the FuneralCall team, you must have a positive “can-do” attitude during the entire hiring process. You may ask why that’s so important; it’s mainly because having a positive attitude is the key starting point for maximum customer satisfaction and quality control.

The Interviews

To initiate the hiring process, the applicant will take a typing test; they need to email the results to us to be reviewed. If the applicant successfully meets the test requirements, he or she will have a face-to-face interview with our Call Center Director to discuss experience, skills, personality specifications, and much more.

Sometimes during important hiring times, we conduct job fairs where our team evaluates your skills among other applicants. This method has been very successful because it allows us to quickly determine the most qualified potential team members in a group scenario.

Unfortunately, not all applicants have the potential to be one of FuneralCall’s high-quality receptionists. We expect excellence in behavior and communication, and that is why we carefully select only those who are most suitable to become one of our FuneralCall’s receptionists.

We’re hiring!

At FuneralCall, we’re always looking to bring on highly-skilled and enthusiastic new members of our team of growing professionals. Think you have what it takes to thrive with us here at FuneralCall Questions? Feel free to contact us and let us know how we can help.