Over 30 Years as the Premier Answering Service for the Funeral Industry

The FuneralCall Mission:

It is our mission here at FuneralCall to provide funeral directors and funeral homes top quality answering services. We serve as a virtual extension of your business. All of our receptionists are highly trained, providing you and your families with the ultimate customer service experience.

Live Virtual Receptionist

All calls are answered by a live, highly trained professional. No automation or recordings.

Comprehensive Answering Plans

We offer comprehensive pricing plans. You’ll never pay extra for features such as text messages, mobile app, or connect time.


With over 30 years of experience, our staff know the funeral industry well and they work hard to instill this knowledge in our receptionists.

What makes FuneralCall different than the others?

Our live receptionists. Your callers won’t reach an automated recording or a phone tree. We focus on providing a “boutique” type experience, allowing Funeral Directors, and their callers, to receive top quality services in a more personal manner. Calls are answered quickly, 95% on the first ring, and in a friendly, professional manner.

What type of plans do we have?

We have several types of affordable plans, but more importantly our plans are customized to fit your specific funeral business. You can learn more about our plans on our pricing page.

FuneralCall Core Values

Family Owned & Operated

Wayne Payne

Founder, Co-owner

The tech guru.

Patty Payne


Our OmniCall Cheerleader, courtesy of the CHS Trojans circa 1980.

Adam Wilkins

Co-owner, VP

Mr. Positivity. Good luck being a “Debbie Downer” with this guy around.

Emily P. Wilkins

Dir. of Administration & Remote Operations

She's older than you think. Yes, she knows she'll appreciate it one day.

Karen Reeves

Billing Director

She’s our MacGyver mixed with a big ole glass of Sweet Tea.

Lexi Hollis

Sales Manager

Knock, Knock. Who's there? Lexi with a classic "dad" joke.

Christy Church

Programming Director

The biggest Patriots fan this side of the Mason Dixon.

Jessica Barno

Programming Supervisor

Supermom is an understatement.

Emily Graham

Call Center Manager

Just try to find her in a bad mood, we dare ya!

Alex Wells

Call Center Manager

Cat lady to the extreme.

Want to Join The FuneralCall Answering Team?

At FuneralCall, we’re always looking to bring on highly-skilled and enthusiastic new members of our team of growing professionals. Think you have what it takes to thrive with us here at FuneralCall? Feel free to contact us and let us know how we can help.