Genuine Customer Service Your Callers Will Love

How It Works

Forward Your Phones

Simply forward your lines to us when you’re busy, away from the office, or after hours.

Clients Call Your Business

We answer each call with your personalized answer phrase.

We Transfer the Call

We then send the caller to the on-call or take a detailed message.

After Hours & Busy Times


Let us replace your automated service or phone tree with our live answering service. We’re here to answer your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and every holiday.


Most funeral professionals are away from the funeral home throughout the day. With call forward technology, your callers will never reach a voicemail if they call your cell phone. After 3 rings, the call will roll over to us and we will answer the call for you.

Listen to real calls, by real receptionists!

To show how much we value customer service, we want you to HEAR how great our FuneralCall receptionists sound when handling calls from your families, medical offices, etc. Take a listen to these sample calls below!

Ready to get started?

If you want the highest quality answering service for your funeral business, FuneralCall is the solution for you.