4 Popular Funeral Trends for 2020

Just like trends in life change, so do trends in the funeral industry. Grieving is difficult, but a funeral that is representative of your loved one’s life can make the process easier. However, traditional funeral services might not capture the life you are trying to...

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The difference between Call Forwarding and Call Rollover

With FuneralCall, your account is completely customizable, down to the way your calls ring into us. You can pick one of two settings for the way we receive your calls: Direct Forwarding and Call Rollover. Both options guarantee your calls are answered. Once your call...

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Meet Your Newest Client Relations Representative, Sydney!

As you know, customer service is our top priority here at FuneralCall. Our directors put so much care and time into their communities that we love being able to take care of them for a change. That is why we have decided to grow our Client Relations Department—to...

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