The nuts and bolts of a great funeral home answering service. FuneralCall Telephone Answering Service Set up in 3 EASY Steps.  We know your time is limited and valuable, so we have streamlined the set up process.

Listen to a real call, taken by a real FuneralCall receptionist.

*Please note,  modifications have been made to ensure the privacy and security of our clients and their callers.

Step 1: Choosing Your Plan

Choosing your FuneralCall plan is based on the number of minutes you plan to use per month. We can help you estimate the number of minutes you need per month. We do so by analyzing the number of calls you receive per day and the average number of minutes per call. The best part is we don’t require any long term contracts. We believe we have to work to keep your business, not keep you tied to a long term contract.

Step 2: Customizing Your Plan

One of the greatest things about our funeral answering service plans is the ability to customize a plan to fit your exact needs. During this step we really get to know your company and staff. With your assistance, we create the scripts and the information pages our receptionists use when answering your calls.  This includes:

  • Customizable greeting when answering calls
  • Specific instructions on how to take messages, transfer calls, and route special cases
  • Message delivery specifications- we can deliver messages via phone, email, or text. We also deliver messages through our Web Dashboard.

When you sign up for FuneralCall’s telephone answering service, you will receive a dedicated toll-free number and a personal web address where you can communicate with us directly. You can manage your account via this web portal; you can enter contact information for when calls come in, checking messages, etc.

Step 3: Forwarding Your Phones

 Now that everything is set up and approved, you are able to forward your calls day or night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our live, professionally trained receptionists will answer your calls to your specifications. Our call management software is able to identify your dedicated toll-free number and pull up your specific account details when we receive one of your forwarded calls. You can forward and unforward your calls at anytime, and even set up the calls to ring in your own offices before rolling over to our live receptionists.


We invite you to learn more about the benefits and features of our services: 24/7 coverage, customizable plans, and more: Call us to get a customized quote today at 888.239.0351.